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Welcome To The Fine Machine

by T3AFO

Released 25 November 2011
WELCOME TO THE FINE MACHINE is T3AFO's stunning debut compilation record. Seven Segments from a number of their aural research sessions have been compiled and edited together to what T3AFO consider an excellent representation of how a live event or an actual research & recording session would be like. While the CD has a fixed order, the accompanied DVD+R is available only in very limited quantities as the segments are being changed whenever T3AFO performed an event or concert. On the current edition, which is marked V1.4, you'll witness diverse T3AFO Performances of their SCENARIO 1 (Peenemünde/Germany). Some copies include their full cinematic film WELCOME TO THE FINE MACHINE mixed in PCM-Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound respectively. Combined with some printed paraphernalia the discs come in a beautiful tin metal box with the T3AFO Logo etched on the surface. Each copy is hand-packaged and numbered individually.


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image Welcome To The Fine Machine
Welcome To The Fine Machine
Official Teaser for the cinematograph film
Welcome To The Fine Machine
Official Promoclip for the album
Live at Kultur Bunker Bremen 2012
Invented and performed live at West End Bremen 2011